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We have been utilizing T-Concepts Locking Ladder pulls and Non-Locking Ladder Pulls exclusively because of the quality, flexibility and availability, their industry knowledge, support and experience is world class. Due to the complexity of many Projects selecting Locking Ladder Pulls with the correct Interchangeable Cores has always been challenging, partnering with T-Concepts has made this process simple and painless saving us time and money.
J. Sweet

CEO NxtWall

In today’s competitive marketplace it is always a comfort to find a supplier that excels at all aspects of the supply chain. T-Concepts offers outstanding customer support, well- designed product solutions at compelling prices with a “can-do” attitude. They are our “go-to” hardware supplier and I would highly recommend T-Concepts for any project.
Nick Balderi

Director of Sales BRC Stylwall

I love the agency I am working for and wouldn’t want it any different.
Jane Doe


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“Interior design & space planning is the most powerful art there is. It tells a story, evokes emotion, is a heightened form of expression, and defines space and how we exist within that space. It gives the world some insight into who we are; as individuals and in business. These are the reasons we love what we do … we manufacture architectural glass door hardware to combine the story, emotion and design together for the perfect solution.

Why glass? Glass is our muse and architectural glass door hardware is our medium. Glass restores the law of sun and light, it provides brilliance, fluidity and movement within a space. Glass has been said to be the most powerful material to define the spirit of the modern age … and it’s made a significant impact in the present moment of architecture & design. T Concepts Solutions’ architectural hardware is the catalyst to take glass concepts to the future and beyond. We could not be more honored to be a part of this industry and community.”

~ Michelle Witherby, COO, T Concepts Solutions

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Our off-set mounts are only the beginning of our customization options.
Image closeup of offset ladder pull bss
The ultimate solution for frameless, pivot doors.
Image of auto patch pivot 7 bss
A transformation of the standard non-locking ladder pull.
Image of hexagonal 60 PSS custom pull handle
A myriad of finishes, LFIC and SFIC Locking Ladder Pulls and Non-Locking Ladder Pulls.
Image of multiple finish handles
Design, configuration and finishes – we have the options you are looking for.
Image of custom ladder pull handles
Choosing the right hinge is about form and function.
Image closeup of glass to glass hinge
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