In recent years, the requirements of a workspace have evolved with the times and recent events. The rise of working from home has opened workers’ eyes to a whole new level of work-life balance. 

This awareness revealed how many businesses were taking the well-being of their employees for granted. As a result, we have witnessed what many call the “great resignation,” where workers prioritize their well-being over working in spaces they feel do not care about their health. 

As a result, many businesses and workspaces are incorporating new practices to provide a workspace that fosters every aspect of their employees’ well-being. Here we’ll share 4 ways to show your work team you care and help promote wellness in the workspace.  

Providing Mental Health Days  

Mental health has been a topic of paramount importance recently. Developing consciousness around the need to break from the grind is essential for fostering wellness in the workspace. 

More and more companies are adopting wellness packages for their employees that include mental health days, in addition to, personal, vacation, and sick days. Providing mental health days encourages your work team to prioritize their mental well-being and is integral to a healthy, thriving, and prosperous business. 

Promoting Mental Well-being and Mindfulness  

Mindfulness and well-being are imperative for everyone on the employee ladder to develop a healthy perspective on life. Our perspective is truly everything. Providing meditation sessions, reading chambers, and outdoor space for the work team fosters an environment where your team knows their well-being is important.

Leading a team without mindfulness creates a vicious cycle of stress, burnout, and satisfaction in the workplace. Many businesses are now choosing their office buildings and spaces with these factors in mind. This means finding a location with outdoor space and lots of natural light to foster an environment of well-being. 

Promoting Physical Well-being  

Depending on the nature of the work for your team, the majority of their time may be sedentary. Sedentary lifestyles are linked to a myriad of health complications as well as negative implications on mental health.

Lack of movement leads to lethargy, depression, brain fog, and general life satisfaction. Promoting physical well-being in the workplace will help keep your team healthy both in and out of the office and improve their overall quality of life. A few ways of encouraging physical health include promoting exercise and outdoor activities as well as hosting fitness challenges.

Providing Cleaner Surfaces  

People all over the world have become keenly aware of contaminated surfaces in recent years and there are easy ways to foster enhanced cleanliness, especially when it comes to high-touch surfaces.

Swapping out your existing commercial door handles with Antimicrobial Handles powered by Microban® by TCS means your hardware stays cleaner, longer; and inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. Simple changes like this let’s your team know you care.