Rendering courtesy of JDS/Crown


There’s something about innovative architecture that really makes a landscape or skyline pop. With new architectural projects evolving all the time, it’s really a treat to watch the architects we love at work creating unique and stunning designs. Each year, architects and firms dream up new and more innovative designs and structures. In 2022, there are some truly incredible and awe-inspiring architectural endeavors that are changing the game. We have our picks for 5 architectural projects that are vertically shaping the world in 2022, now let’s dive into five of the most exciting and inspiring architects and firms in 2022. 


1- SHoP Architects (The Brooklyn Tower) | New York

Image© BrooklinTower.com


SHoP Architects are well-seasoned in the art of the New York City architectural landscape. These are the designers behind the Barclays Center among other fixtures in NYC. The Brooklyn Tower, standing at a staggering 93 stories in Brooklyn, NY, is the vision of SHoP architects. Its presence is easily noted as the tallest building in its surroundings.  

SHoP architects incorporate stunning bronze strips and dark metals to create an angular design reminiscent of a Neo Art Deco feel. 


2- Adjaye Associates (Abrahamic Family House) | Abu Dhabi

Image© adjaye.com


Adjaye Associates has long been a firm with community and integration as a focused driving force behind their architectural designs. The Abrahamic Family House is a further exploration of the concept of unity and the disintegration of hierarchy. With three separate structures set upon a secular pavilion, the Abrahamic Family House incorporates three religious structures; a mosque, a synagogue, and a church. 


3- Zaha Hadid (Central Bank of Iraq) | Baghdad

Image© Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid is renowned for her architectural structures which are fixtures in countries all over the world. The Central Bank Of Iraq is the only architectural design of the late Zeha Hadid to be erected in her home country. The 560 foot tall building features blast-resistant glass, reinforced concrete, and Zaha Hadid’s signature elegant design motifs on the banks of the Tigris River. The themes of the design focus on the “solidity, stability, and sustainability” of the institution to usher in a new era for war-torn Iraq. 


4- Santiago Calatrava (St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church) | New York

Image© calavatra.com


The original St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has designed the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church with stunning inspiration from the Byzantine churches to create a house of worship. The structure incorporates white Pentelic stone and translucent cutouts that emit a hypnotic glow at night. 


5- OMA (Rem Koolhaas) + KRIS YAO | ARTECH (Taipei Performing Arts Center) Taipei, Taiwan

Image© oma.com


The joint architectural endeavor of OMA and KRIS YAO in the creation of the Taipei Performing Arts Center showcasing the innovative, abstract, and modern styles of the two designers.  The 635,000-square-foot complex has been erected in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei and features three separate theaters for performing arts. Each theater and performing space protrudes from the center cube combining function with modern style and geometric design. 


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