Architects and designers are constantly walking the line between the creative and the technical world, and when inspiration strikes, we like to be ready.

At T-Concepts Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to have the best possible conditions to ensure our jobs continue to be rewarding and fun, so we’ve gathered a few pieces of tech that every industry professional will find super handy to create anytime, anywhere.


Architects and designers are artists first, and for artists, nothing can replace a good old-fashioned pen, but what if it could be a lot more? A multi-tool pen usually comes with 6 different functions: a ballpoint pen, a stylus tip, a ruler, a spirit level, and two screwdriver heads, and it all fits in your pocket.

Here are our faves rated by quality, functionality, and price-point:

Design Pick:
ATECH Multitool Pen 6-in-1



It’s slick, lightweight, TSA compliant, and has 6 handy functions for the everyday creative.

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Stylus
  • Bubble leveler
  • Mini flat-head
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Metric + inch ruler

Price: $19.99 USD

Functionality Pick: 

Xcissor Full-Set Pen


Leave it up to Mininch and Design Milk to bring you a pen with the works. Working on a model, and you forgot your tools? No problem! This 3-in-1 Xcissor Full-Set Pen has your back.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a pair of scissors concealed in a robust, precision body with interchangeable tips for a ballpoint pen or scalpel blade.

Price: $93.00 USD

Price-Point Pick: 

6-in-1 Xtreme Stylus Pen

On a budget? In school? We understand. The last thing you need is another expensive gadget! You can find the same solution for a fraction of the price at Five Below. This affordable pen comes with:

  • Stylus
  • Phillips head
  • Flathead
  • Level
  • 4-inch ruler
  • Ballpoint pen

Price: $3.00 USD


Have you ever been living your best not-work-related life, and you stumble upon the PERFECT color for a project? We all know that taking a picture for later is not the best solution. Luckily, there’s something better out there.

Cube by Palette is the easiest way to capture and digitize any color.

This gadget measures the amount of red, green, and blue in each color by blocking out ambient light, ensuring “superhuman color accuracy” that you can take with you on your smartphone.

Price: $139.00 USD


A laser tape measure is a must-have for any designer and architect. These handy gadgets can measure up to 200 meters with great accuracy -to ⅛  or 1/16  of an inch- and you can carry them around. Plus, who doesn’t like lasers?

Here are our three top picks based on design, functionality, and price-point:

Design + Functionality Picks: 

HOTO Laser Distance Measure


Not only are their images stunning, but the comfort of the design speaks for itself. With 11 functions and integrations, this tool is a no-brainer.

  • Double laser transmitters for high accuracy: ±1/16 inch (±2mm)
  • Distance range measures from 0.16ft to 98ft (0.05-30m)
  • Supports meters, inches, and feet as units
  • Real-time measuring with one-button operation
  • Real-time sharing measurement data with APP for easy analysis and note-taking
  • Assigns measurement data to photos taken for vivid viewing
  • Easy floor planning like a PRO in APP
  • Emits Class 2 laser (safe for normal operations)
  • OLED display offer easy and convenient viewing, even in dark areas
  • Type-C charging port for on-the-go charging
  • Fits comfortably in hand and easily in the pocket

Price: $49.99 USD

$5 OFF with code: 2022HOTO

MEAZOR 6-in-1 Multifunction Digital Laser Measure Tool



This gadget by Hozo Design isn’t just functional, it’s stunning too. We dedicate this to the Apple lovers out there, we’re sure the design is right up your alley.

Packed with powerful specs for the architects and designs who love tech:

  • 6-in-1 Measuring Tool
    • 2D floor plan scan
    • Rolling measurer
    • Laser distance measurer
    • More functions. Works as a bubble level, protractor, curve scanner, & pro laser
  • Software Upgrade via Bluetooth
  • 184ppi Touch Screen
  • Made to Last
  • STM32 High-Speed Microprocessor
  • Built for Endurance.
    • 550mAh battery supports up to 30 days standby or 16 hours running hours on a single charge
  • MEAZOR App
    • Measures & save data by itself
    • Users can draw, edit, & save unlimited measuring results
    • Exports vector drawings & measuring data in various formats for further editing
  • Compact & Chic

Price: $159 USD

Price-Point Pick: 

Mini Laser Range Meter by Cheers.US


Our price-point pick is small, efficient, and affordable. Perfect for performing the important tasks at hand, all while staying on budget.


  • High precise distance meter
  • Comfortable touch feel
  • Compact
  • 200mAh lithium battery
  • Fast charging
  • Multiple measuring units

Price: $21.99 USD



Let’s be real: when we say “it’s time to hit the drawing board,” we actually mean “turn on the computer.” As people who spend A LOT of time on the computer, a good mouse is a must.

The SpaceMouse is built to complement your regular mouse and make your designing experience better, easier, and extra comfortable by providing the ultimate 3D navigation for high-end CAD ecosystems.

Choose from 4 designs, all featuring multiple functions for optimal performance.


SpaceMouse® Pro Enterprise: $399.00 USD

SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless: $329.00 USD

SpaceMouse® Pro: $299.00 USD

SpaceMouse® Wireless: $169.00 USD

SpaceMouse® Compact: 149.00 USD

We’ll make it easy for you, compare the models and pick the ultimate one for you.


A sign of a great designer and architect is their capability to adapt to the times, so this will come as no surprise to you. T-Concepts Solutions (TCS) partnered with Microban® to offer built-in, antimicrobial handle protection that inhibits the growth of stain, odor, and degradation-causing bacteria 24/7/365.

This added level of protection was conceived to give your projects a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Imagine your projects featuring the only commercial pull handles on the market with EPA registered Microban® technology built into the coating!

TCS Antimicrobial Handles is the flagship product for our new TCS CareSecure Division, an initiative to create and promote product innovations that support a cleaner, sustainable work environment where employees can thrive.

A true tribute to innovating the workspace environment.

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