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Interior design is the art and craft of transforming a space with function, style, and beauty. A top-notch interior designer is capable of making a space evoke a certain feeling. These mind-blowing interior design projects use colors, shapes, and textures for end-results you’ll never forget.


1- Bagatelle Mykonos – Fabrizio Casiraghi | Paris 


Bagatelle Mykonos is a divine Mediterranean dining experience in the heart of the Cyclades. With the interior design of Fabrizio Casiraghi from Paris, the Mediterranean cuisine is served in a stylistic environment reminiscent of the 1970s French Riviera. With whitewashed buildings and an archway leading to a window with polished orange glass, guests at Bagatelle Mykonos take in the stunning juxtaposition of Casiraghi’s keen eye for design in the luxurious Mediterranean flora.  


2- Bond Collective – East Austin (In Partnership With T-Concepts) 


Bond Collective curates and erects functional and boutique work environments. The Bond Collective- East Austin location was expertly designed in partnership with T-Concepts Solutions to incorporate functional shared workspaces to create an environment conducive to learning, growth, innovation, and influence. Check out the Instagram post for an inside look at the end-result with @nellowall_ncva⁠ as the client and installer, @bondcollective as project manager, and @amandakirkpatrickphoto as the photographer. 

The interior design incorporates sleek yet functional elements like sliding glass office doors, conference room wall partitions with geometric locking ladders, architectural hardware from Environments Complete Wall Systems and Glass, and effectively achieve the productive, functional, and sleek design conducive to a shared work environment.


3- Flamengo Apartment Rio de Janeiro – Juliana Lima Vasconcellos 


The Flamengo Apartment in Rio de Janeiro designed by Juliana Lima Vasconcellos has us captivated. The combination of retro furniture with elements from nature creates a unique juxtaposition that has an innovative, bright, and artistic feel. Velvet textures, sleek stainless steel, gorgeous marble features, and natural elements like natural wood edges and branches as parts of functional furniture like arm chairs and long dining tables creates a warm yet sleek feel.


4- 25 Hours Hotel – Copenhagen – Martin Brudnizki 


The 25 Hours Hotel is a traveler’s dream place to lay their head and soak in the culture of Copenhagen in Denmark. Set in an old university, the 25 Hours Hotel Project curated by Martin Brudnizki combines an adventurous soul with artistic passion and a stylistic eye. With solid wood features and worldly patterns on wall paper, guests will undoubtedly tap into their inner adventurer and desire for exploration.


5- Exploration Yacht – Rafael Cárdenas 


The Exploration Yacht features minimalist design with an absolutely luxurious feel. Designer Rafael de Cárdenas incorporates sycamore, stainless steel, and satin mirror to create an elegant yet casually inviting energy to the three story yacht. As if the ocean views weren’t luxurious enough, Cárdenas’ design has brought the Exploration Yacht to the next level of elegance with minimalist features.


6- Morton Street Townhouse – Steven Gambrel 


The Morton Street Townhouse is a 19th century home in the heart of Manhattan’s West Village. The undeniable charm of these homes has been expertly incorporated into the interior design curated by Steven Gambrel. Much of the original 19th century elements have been restored with a touch of flair giving the effect that you’ve walked back in time to a gorgeous, inviting, and intellectual space. Take a look at the inside of this incredible Manhattan townhouse.


7- The Obsidian Virtual Concept House – BADG Members + Creators 


The Black Designers and Artists Guild (BADG) is a collective of Black artists, designers, and makers inspired by the recent collective realization of the importance of our home spaces as places to address spiritual and personal well-being. The Obsidian Virtual Concept House is a collaborative project in which the focus is on flexibility with spaces oriented to accommodate multi-generational extended families. The stylistic design is modern and futuristic with technological elements controlled by voice activation and facial recognition including robotic arms for administering acupuncture and massage. While the Obsidian Virtual Concept house features ample technological innovation, it seamlessly incorporates the ancestral past with elements like hand-carved tiles utilizing West African architectural techniques.