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Our Story

Glass is NOW ... our specialty hardware is the catalyst to take it to the future and beyond

shipsT-CONCEPTS SOLUTIONS (TCS), provider of architectural glass door handles and pulls, is a family owned business that first rose to the forefront of the design industry in 2001.

Birthed from a passion for futuristic space planning & light sharing interscopes within the home and work space, TCS swiftly became renowned for pioneering the introduction of “industrial” type products into the interiors arena.

From clear anodized aluminum, specialty tempered glass, resins & acrylics, to insulated glass units; TCS helped to evolve the interiors market by being one of the first companies in the USA to integrate form, function, and style with moveable wall systems, space partitions, light sharing designs, sliding door hardware and telescoping glass office fronts.

After working with some of the most highly recognized hospitality groups, corporation headquarters, retail flagships, museums, and sporting complexes, in 2010 we re-invented ourselves.

What once began as a design – build studio, TCS transitioned into a comprehensive design and manufacturing house of specialty architectural hardware for glass. Glass environments and designs are not only the present … but it’s the future of where design is headed.

You will find that TCS 2.0 hasn’t detoured too far from our roots, but better yet, honed a very specific niche of innovation. We now designcreate, and inventory, in Miami, the glass architectural hardware we bring to the market, no longer integrating other manufacturer’s products into our vision and client’s design.

We take pride in being very specific in our approach to not only solving the issues our clients face when deciding on hardware, but paying close attention to our client’s needs as well.

Whether a specification calls for locking ladder pulls, non-locking ladder pulls, custom pull handles, ADA compliant hardware, glass hinges, to hydraulic patch fittings and sliding door solutions, our team strives to be a trusted resource for the right product to complete your overall design. All the while, providing high integrity products at a fraction of the cost.

TCS has always felt that our team was in a league all our own, and we are honoured to be a group of innovators, problem solvers, design connoisseurs, and trusted colleagues to our clients. This is how we as a vendor want to operate as a business, always.

T-Concepts has taken a long look at the glass hardware industry and it’s time for a transparent evolution.