T-Concepts Solutions (TCS) continues to take the needed time to further research ADA accessible compliant pulls and requirements applied to swing and sliding door handles for opening/closing demands.

We remain diligent in keeping you informed as code regulations change for ADA handles constantly, in an effort to assist the accessible community with the best means possible for accessing space…commercial, hospitality or other.

Generally speaking it has been a challenge for a variety of industries to get a clear understanding of ADA “accessible” requirements.  As with most regulations, enforcement is up to interpretation as well as ongoing changes to this code per region.  TCS considers not only nationwide requirements, but state requirements as well.

Please note the following requirements for ADA Accessible Compliant Pulls:

Selected pull, if locking, to lock into header or ceiling. Or our custom interchangeable bottom locking design.
(See Image #3 below)
Pull must have a “lever” actuator, not a typical thumb-turn requiring a “push” actuation as well as rotation. The lever rotates 180 degrees without the need for a “press” action.
Lever actuator must be designed and applied in such a way to keep its location no more than 48” AFF (from the finished floor). Please note that the margin of height is 38” minimum to a maximum of 48” AFF. (36-46” in California)
Codes do not apply to spaces smaller than 300 square feet.
The allowable gripping space of the designed pull needs to be such to allow sufficient space for movement. Therefore when the handle (ladder pull) is installed there must be a clear distance from the glass surface to the inside of the pull surface of 2-1/2” or 64.5mm.
Door pulls do not always have to lock into header/ceiling. A pull that has 10” bottom clearance on the outside of the office is now being used as well, this is our “Interchangeable” design. (See image below)

ADA Accessible Compliant Pulls Projects:

Corporate Media Project >>

Please contact us directly so we can design and provide pull hardware for your specific project.  We offer a selection of locking designs and finishes to meet your needs.  Let us make “unique” for you!

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ADA Accessible 83" Top Locking Handle