Auto Patch® Hydraulic Patch Pivot

It’s been some time since a unique piece of commercial glass door hardware could be labeled as “revolutionary”. We feel the time has arrived and it’s the perfect description for our Auto Patch®­ hydraulic patch pivot.

What has quickly become our norm in the world of A & D is for hardware, such as hydraulic patch pivots and rails, to be less apparent, less evident, and for glass to be the feature statement of a project installation.

Frameless glass doors are present within interior design and construction now more than ever. Until now architectural hardware options to support a frameless glass door were limited, and to be honest, left a lot to be desired. Bulky, challenging box spring closers were the only solution for far too long. That was until, the launch of the Auto Patch® hydraulic patch pivot.

Our hydraulic patch fittings are a fundamental element for the future of glass design. Its inherent low-profile nature makes it virtually disappear to one’s eye upon installation. Yet because of its seamless operation and stealth function, you know it’s there.

The hydraulic pivot surface mounted hardware aids in floor variances and tolerances, less material equates to less cost and time of actual installation is more than cut in half. Cost savings and a revolutionary approach? Seems almost unheard of … until now.

Available stocked finishes: BSS, (US32D) and MBLK (US19)
Additional available finishes: PSS (US32), Polished Rose Gold and Graphite Black

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Auto Patch® Hydraulic Patch Pivot Technical Data:

Max. load capacity: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Door width 36” – 493/16” (750 – 1200 mm)
Door height: 98” (approx. 2500 mm)
Glass thickness: 3/8” – 9/16” (10 – 15mm) tempered glass
Tested with 500,000 cycles
Opens both sides
Zero position adjustment: approx. 4°
Temperature range: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Hold position at 90°
Variable closing speeds
2 closing ranges: 90°-30° and 30°-0°
Can be used with a door stopper

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