Auto Patch® Hydraulic Rail

Until now, commercial glass door hardware options to support a frameless glass door were limited and left a lot to be desired. Bulky, challenging box spring closers were the only solution for far too long… until the launch of the Auto Patch® Hydraulic Patch Pivot.

Elevating this patch pivot technology to the next level of performance and design, it is with great excitement and anticipation for us to unveil the launch of our Auto Patch® Hydraulic Rail.

The oil-dynamic technology of our patch pivot, incorporated into a full bottom hydraulic rail completely evolves the traditional box closer, designed with engineered precision and unique characteristics and innovation that only the TCS team can provide.

This patent-pending design of our Auto Patch® Hydraulic Rail not only allows more security around the bottom of a frameless glass door, as our rail cradles the glass edge in a custom pressure clamp design, but also brings to market the important benefits of meeting all ADA compliance criteria for accessible required projects. Our hydraulic rail option meets ADA Code 404.2.10.

Our team of engineers and designers devoted hours of research and development into the construction, mechanical properties, and testing of this next phase of revolutionary, oil-dynamic, hydraulic patch pivots and rails.

Our Auto Patch® Hydraulic Rail can be specified, purchased, and installed alongside our standard Auto Patch® top pivot or its partnered top rail, for the ease of additional aesthetic and functioning design options.

Available stocked finishes: BSS, (US32D) and MBLK (US19)
Additional available finishes: PSS (US32), White

We carry a comprehensive selection of glass door hardware, therefore, you can also peruse our commercial glass door handles & pulls and hydraulic glass door hinges.

Auto Patch® Hydraulic Rail Technical Data:

Max. load capacity: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Door max width 36” – 493/16” (750 – 1200 mm)
Door max height: 96” (approx. 2500 mm)
Max glass thickness: 1/2” (12.7 mm) tempered glass
Tested with 500,000 cycles
Opens both sides
Zero position adjustment: approx. 4°
Temperature range: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Hold position at 90° and “No” Hold Open Design
Variable closing speeds
2 closing ranges: 90°-30° and 30°-0°
Can be used with a door stopper
Suitable for ADA “accessible” projects per code 404.2.10

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