Biloba EVO – E40 Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge

Biloba E40 Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge

Say goodbye to the unsightly arm closer! Our new E40 hydraulic adjustable door hinge replaces the age-old approach we have known for years, providing improved aesthetics, operation and functionality. Not to mention, you’ll cut installation time by half!

The ideal solution for frame-to-frame installation, the E40 hinge installs on wood, aluminum and steel doors, providing a uniform look across your entire project.

Nomenclature example: 835E40- (*) -_-_ (*) please specify Right or Left handing and Finish Code

The E40 hinge offers the same stealth functionality as our popular EVO glass door hinge, providing automatic and adjustable closing, and constant speed braking control for all door opening angles up to 180°.

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Oil-dynamic hydraulic glass door hinges represent Colcom’s pride among its rich production. Through its patented concept, it makes the door closing constant and controlled. This family of products are characterized by functionality, versatility, safety, durability and excellent quality/price ratio, thanks to the performance requirements that go beyond the traditional door closers.

The reduced dimensions of the mechanisms give the products a clean and elegant design, combined with ease of installation. Extraordinary characteristics of the hydraulic concept allow for the highest efficiency along with a high technical quality and swing range safety. Great attention is also given to aesthetics, according to the current architectural trends which require a cleaner glass look through frameless glass door designs.

Colcom’s hydraulic hinges define an important innovation in the range of glass hardware as they are covered by international patents and are highly tested in order to ensure performance and durability.

Interested in our “Whole Door Approach?” Consider a Drop Seal (see top image) to complete your entire door design package. 

Biloba EVO E40 Hydraulic Hinge Technical Data:

Max. load capacity: 100 kg/ 220 lbs
Ideal for wood, aluminum, and steel doors
Frame to frame installation
Door width 31.5” – 47.24″
Tested for 1,000,000 cycles
Protected by several International patents
Hold Open and No Hold Open design
Available in many standard finishes as well as custom finishes
Zero position adjustment: approx. 4°
Temperature range: +5 degrees F to +104 degrees F
“R” = Right Handed  – “L” = Left Handed
Variable closing speeds
Should be used with TCS door stop

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