How to Improve Your Team’s Skills

In recent times businesses and employers have started to discover the importance of improving team skills. The workforce is changing with new perspectives brought on by the realities of the pandemic and workers are increasingly prioritizing their overall well-being, which obviously includes their workplace; this means employers have to step up their efforts and go […]

Meet the Handles We Love: Tailor Made For Your Client

Creating an original workspace that stays true to your brand and vision involves attention to every detail. Door handles are integral to the impression a space gives to clients and workers alike. With T-Concepts door handles, your client gets the individuality of tailor made details that accentuate the best parts of your workspace. Extensive shapes, […]

Top 7 Architecture Trends for 2022

Architecture is as much an art as it is a science for bringing extensive visions to life in incredible buildings. Like every other art and creation, things come in and out of style. Innovation and new technologies set the industry standards. Let’s look into the top 7 trends in the architectural world in 2022 and […]

7 Interior Design Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

  Interior design is the art and craft of transforming a space with function, style, and beauty. A top-notch interior designer is capable of making a space evoke a certain feeling. These mind-blowing interior design projects use colors, shapes, and textures for end-results you’ll never forget.   1- Bagatelle Mykonos – Fabrizio Casiraghi | Paris    […]

5 Architects + Firms Changing the Game in 2022

  There’s something about innovative architecture that really makes a landscape or skyline pop. With new architectural projects evolving all the time, it’s really a treat to watch the architects we love at work creating unique and stunning designs. Each year, architects and firms dream up new and more innovative designs and structures. In 2022, […]

4 Ways to Show Your Work-Team You Care (Wellness In The Workspace)

In recent years, the requirements of a workspace have evolved with the times and recent events. The rise of working from home has opened workers’ eyes to a whole new level of work-life balance.  This awareness revealed how many businesses were taking the well-being of their employees for granted. As a result, we have witnessed […]

Innovating the Workspace with TCS Environments Complete

While the pandemic has marched on, many people haven’t given a second thought to their office workspace. But as people come back to work, it’s painfully obvious these existing work environments aren’t compatible with modern times. Cue TCS Environments Complete. When your client needs a space created to let their workforce thrive—a collaborative, light-sharing, open-feeling […]

5 Architect Projects That Are Vertically Shaping the World in 2022

   The world has finally reopened. For so long, the world has operated in mini isolated bubbles. Parents were working remotely, students were learning from home, businesses were shut-down, and projects were put on hold or canceled indefinitely. Now that the world has reopened, architecture is ready and able to run wild. Architecture reaches far beyond the […]

Breaking the Code: Understanding Locking Pull Handles

As glass door hardware experts, it’s no wonder that for us handle selection is a dramatic part of any project. What makes T-Concepts Solutions different from other door hardware manufacturers though, is that we are ready to step inside the world of locks and cores, demystifying their secrets, and empowering the public to make the […]

5 Gadgets that Every Architect and Designer Must Have in 2022

Architects and designers are constantly walking the line between the creative and the technical world, and when inspiration strikes, we like to be ready. At T-Concepts Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to have the best possible conditions to ensure our jobs continue to be rewarding and fun, so we’ve gathered a few pieces of […]