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Over the past months our TCS team has been working diligently behind the scenes, on a deeply committed mission. The times have called for us to do more and help in greater ways! Click to watch where our journey began and stay tuned to see how it’s evolving, as we do our part to support those in need and encourage awareness. Deep gratitude to front-line healthcare workers! With You. Beside You. Behind You. #TCSCares . . . . . #ustogether #healthyspacing #lisashaw #andycaldwell #warrior #stopthespread #togetherapart #wegotthis #sticktogether #thenewnormal #alltogether #bethechange #courageisbeautiful #firstresponders #howwegiveback #tcscares #weareallinthistogether #gratitude #globalsociety #weareasone #covid19 #withyoubesideyoubehindyou #allforone #giveback #leanin #safetyfirst #tcscares

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April 7, 2020

Dear Valued Clients, Partners, and Community,

We wanted to reach out, provide an operational update, share compassion, and connect with our global family.

On behalf of all of us at T-Concepts Solutions, please allow us to honour those on the front lines during these unprecedented times.

Today we honour healthcare providers and first responders around the world who are fighting the spread of COVID-19, putting their own health at risk to protect ours. The caretakers keeping our elderly comforted and safe.

Let’s honour teams like logistic companies who are transporting orders and cargo to keep businesses moving ahead, janitorial staffs who are cleaning and sanitizing environments to reduce exposure. Airline employees who are volunteering to work to assist us in safe and available air-travel.

Let’s honour the managers and employees who are working to keep banks, other financial institutions, gas stations, groceries stores and restaurants open to serve us all. Employers who are encouraging their staff to work from the safety of their homes.

This is a time to honour our families and the caregivers and organizations who are caring for and providing love and guidance to our children, especially those in poverty, understanding their need for additional care and assistance during these uncertain times.

We are an interconnected society, none of us are separate from this crisis … we are one, and we are all in this together. But we must stay in “this” together.

Here is How We are Taking Action to Help Others

We are taking action! For the months of March, April and May T-Concepts Solutions will be donating to Feeding America to assist food banks in providing food to people in need during this uncertain time.

We have donated hundreds of masks and other safety supplies to healthcare providers in 4 states, and local first responders, nursing homes, and area hospitals.

Here is What We are Doing for Our Team State-Side

T-Concepts Solutions is comprised of a very diverse team. Our employees, partners, colleagues and staff reside across the Globe. From China to Europe, throughout the Americas, circling back to Canada and here State-side; we leave no stone unturned to our brilliant, cultural background.

Being a global organization carries with it great responsibilities, of which we feel fortunate and blessed to have. Our team collectively has stayed very close to this global crisis – monitoring since the initial outbreak, hour-by-hour through personal and professional contacts, the CDC and WHO.

We would be remised to say that at times this concern, alongside constant updating and team-member wellness check-ins swiftly became an all consuming task, very long nights, followed by much longer days … but putting self-care measures in place have helped us greatly. And concerns for others reins supreme.

Currently our team here State-side is working remotely from our homes. A limited number of staff with be at our warehouse during the week to manage shipments and inventory, as well as, visiting our office to clean and sanitize the interior spaces.

We have provided our staff, family, and immune-compromised friends with masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, along with immune boosting supplements and supplies to assist in their efforts to avoid contracting the virus. And of course we are all taking the proper precautions to distance appropriately.

Here is the Current Situation with Our Factories and Deliveries

Please anticipate longer delivery times on shipments from our warehouse in Miami to your destination. We will try and gauge this as accurately as possible, and advise per order basis. However for quoting, drawing requests, shipment status, technical information, the TCS team is present and will stay available.

On location at our factory in China, we are fully staffed at this time and production is primarily back on schedule, experiencing only slight delays on the production floor. What we are now seeing are longer transit times for air cargo and DHL shipments, simply due to precautionary measures, limited airline space, and check & balances which are being put into place. This will continue to fluctuate.

Italy: The health crisis in Italy is deeply evolving with each passing day, and our concern for the well-being of our partners will continue to be a top priority. As of today, factories have closed operations until mid-April. There will be NO additional shipments from our factories until further notice.

Please note: TCS has inventory of Italian product on-hand to assist during this time for complete and/or partial shipments. We thank you in advance for your concern, patience and understanding.

In Closing

I can only image your email inbox is filled to the brim with messages and statements from numerous companies pertaining to the COVID-19 virus and this global crisis. I sincerely appreciate you taking time to hear from me and our team.

It feels more important then ever to share where we are, how we are moving through each day and what preparations are being put into place to safeguard each other and all of you. Supporting you, our treasured clients, friends and partners is and will continue to be our greatest pride, as we face one of our greatest challenges, understand we are here – we are here for you!

Stay safe everyone! Take precautions seriously. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, focus on the positive, help others, boost your immune system, and keep your mind strong.

Michelle Witherby; COO T-Concepts Solutions

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