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Double-glazed architectural glass walls provide numerous benefits to an environment, including acoustical privacy, reduced sound transmission, fine-tuned aesthetics, to even insulated energy-saving attributes.

What can elevate this approach is an accompanying double-glazed glass door. Whether a specification calls for a swing or sliding door, T-Concepts is well versed in creating the perfect double-glazed ladder pull; integrated to accommodate your specific glass thickness and required air-space. Numerous finishes available.

Watch this short animation of a double-glazed ladder pull being installed.

Many of our clients have expressed that custom pull handles are an integral part of designing a work environment that’s original. Precision, coupled with innovation, is required of a manufacturer when one enters the “customs” arena for handles and pulls, and it’s something T-Concepts Solutions takes great pride in.

It’s one thing to envision and design a custom pull, but it’s a completely different thing to manufacture and bring a design to life. A manufacturer must fully understand their capabilities and limitations … yet stay conscious of what the client is wanting to achieve and how to best approach their architectural hardware needs.

When we talk about a company building their brand presence in the market – how they present themselves is a large part of that brand building. Our team believes as well that the design of a company’s work environment, a co-working space, a boutique hotel room or spa, is a direct reflection in showing insight into who that company is; their values, aesthetic approach, their team and their vision.

Architectural glass door hardware lends a design directive to that presence. We’ve listened to our clients and to the market, very closely. Hence is the reason we strive to perfect our offering of custom pull handles and the many variations of trends that can affect a design.

Whether your glass door handle or pull design involves combining finishes, intricate shapes, oversized lengths, or exquisitely laser etched logo placement – or a combination of them all, we are eager to provide you with a custom pull handle solution that is uniquely original to you and your brand. Even just a slight spin on the standard approach gets our design team excited.

See below for just a few of our custom pull handle designs and creations, or submit your custom architectural hardware needs to

For some ideas, you can check out our latching handles. For more hardware for glass doors and sliding glass wall systems, you can also browse our hydraulic glass door hinges.

Custom Pull Handles: Ladder Pulls, Curved Pulls, Off-Set Pulls

Introducing the use of modern materials and finishes
Wood, Copper, Leather, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, Graphite Black, Titanium Black, PSS, BSS
A switch on the standard approach to door handle hardware
Allows the hardware to tell your door’s story, whether sliding or swing
Design relevance to specialty company branding

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Please note: Non-Locking Ladder Pulls and Locking Ladder Pulls are available in a variety of finishes: BSS, PSS, Graphite Black, Matte Black Smooth and Textured, and Bronze.

{Anti-fingerprint seal on Oil Rubbed, Titanium Black and Bronze finishes}

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