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Glass Door Hardware for Corporate Co-Sharing

“While technology has allowed us to live in what has been referred to as “The Next Workspace”, corporate mindsets & mundane office life stands in the way of a truly progressive work style.” Courtney Boyd Myers

We feel this sentiment rang true years ago, but not in today’s workplace environment. Today’s entrepreneurs are paving the way for something different.

Embodying the feel and energy of a start-up campus, co-sharing spaces (as you see here) are revolutionizing the way large cities, in particular, are lending the platform for new business ventures and launches. Years ago we heard whispers about business co-ops, and not in the same vein of the recent agricultural movement either. Co-ops back in the day where referred to spaces where small business, micro-business more like it, came together under one roof to share workspace and to exist in a cooperative society. There was no reception desk, sub-zero refrigerators and local beers on tap in the break room, or hundreds of flat screens … just simple, raw work space in which micros carved out an office space for themselves.

At the time many felt it confining and restrictive, as though ones business had not achieved nor reached a certain level to sustain their own. Or not wanting to share in a society where a competitor could be your closest neighbor. However some bold entrepreneurs saw the incredible value in sharing space and knew the power of how important “think-tanks” as it were, could be to their bottom line. The vibe and life-line of the co-op stayed underground, but only for so long … then came co-working spaces. A transformation which took a forward thinking concept and evolved it into a fertile breeding ground of collaboration, ingenuity and camaraderie.

On these exciting locations TCS was asked to provide locking and non-locking interchangeable ladder pulls for office, conference and main entry doors. Alongside our Auto-patch® hydraulic patch pivot for frameless glass pivot doors. As one can imagine, modernism and tech savvy concepts are at their heightened best. You feel the moment you enter these office spaces the incredible level of knowledge sharing, high energy, culture and cost sharing attributes. It’s infectious to any start-up, small business or corporation!

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