Los Angeles, CA

Glass Door Hardware for Corporate Media

You will often hear us say that corporate environments are ever-changing and tend to be where innovation and bright ideas are born. Not only in the board room but in architecture and design. The late 1990’s and early 2000’s approach to communal work-spaces with vast open floor plans of cubicles under the institutional hum of fluorescent lights have since evolved into a less utilitarian approach yet keeping with the “collaborative team” collective feel.

That collective feel brought way to a shift in energy and a shift in space planning and interior design. Hence the introduction of bold fabrics, energy efficient concepts, sexy architectural hardware, innovative furniture and … glass. Remember us saying how glass has captured the spirit of the modern age? The modern corporate environment recognized it first within interiors.

There was no lack of innovation in the air at this media company’s headquarters. In the executive and financial offices we coupled the partially frosted privacy glass with our large format (LFIC) core locking ladder pulls for added security. In our hard-pressed quest to understanding the codes and regulations of ADA accessible hardware, we were eager to provide a locking ladder pull approach that would adequately serve those in need of additional clearance and assistance. Our top locking ADA ladder pulls (SFIC) delivered the perfect solution. Last but not least, our Auto-Patch® hydraulic patch pivot was the perfect pairing for this client’s ½” frameless glass break room doors.

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