Atlanta, GA

Glass Door Hardware for Corporate Technology

The most creative people are tinkers, explorers and gutsy. Being a part of a work environment that exemplifies these qualities is insight innovative small businesses, the A&D community, and savvy developers discovered and then catapulted into the everyday when it comes to interiors.

Not all corporate environments are prepared or interested in owning the fun, spirited energy of the tech generation. Yet they still feel compelled to evolve with the times and bring on board an architectural firm and team of designers who lead the way in understanding how important functional, fresh and modern aesthetics appeal to employees.

We jumped at the opportunity to introduce our line of architectural hardware to this company’s designers to add interest and relevance to their remodel. From our Auto-Patch® hydraulic patch pivot, to the PureGlass® 100T series sliding door system with side panel, combined with custom 3 post 104” locking ladder pulls and custom 112” 4 post non-locking ladder pulls … collectively thru design, our team broke down this company’s traditional conservative office norms.

The result? Executives, managers and employees felt more connected and inspired. It’s fulfilling to contribute to creating an aesthetically inviting workplace environment which elevates energy and perspectives.

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