Palm Springs, CA

Glass Door Hardware for Residential Kitchen

Three words to describe Palm Springs; cool, modern and iconic. These are the same three words we would use to describe this kitchen installation. Why iconic? Because it’s the first time we have collaborated on designing a sliding door system over a bed of river rocks with a sexy custom non-locking handle. That’s pretty victorious to us … iconic.

Refined separation to create definition, boundaries and flow can be achieved even if space is still fully visible. Beauty in full view. When you dwell in a place which provides you a deeper connection to nature you want that visually pleasing environment to be echoed within your nest.

This kitchen’s overall interior and architectural hardware helps to provide just that. The TCS PureGlass® 90 sliding door system and custom guide gave us the adjustability to slightly hover over one of the biggest focal points within this space, the river rock threshold. Coupled with a custom 3 post non-locking ladder pull (in which we still dream about today)- it’s a blend of the unconventional, exposed and raw-designed detail that when executed correctly – leaves the ultimate statement.

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