Miami Beach, FL

Glass Door Hardware for Residential Living

Marrying finishes and design approaches together for a unique floor plan. Finishes and designs in which prioritized space savings concepts, “must-have” views of the water and capitalized on sunlight.

Our PureGlass® 100-W/AL sliding system delivered the perfect solution for this Indian Creek residence. With water views as the main focal point and modernism at play, the designer had the trifecta challenge of paying close attention to space constraints, light sharing approaches, and allowing for the living room to be expansive yet with a functional division between it and the kitchen.

With the wall mounted top track we were able to utilize the unused wall space to install custom wood framed/frosted glass sliding doors that kept the interiors warm yet fresh, modern and bright. Providing double blocking at the header upon construction, the floor track was eliminated which provided a “zero tolerance” trip hazard for this large opening and high-trafficked area. Only custom floor guides were put into place to provide stability and alleviated kick-out from the doors.

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