Las Vegas, NV

Glass Door Hardware for Retail Boutique

Staying true to a brand image is something boutique flagship stores understand and do well. It’s like an elite language the luxury retail design society have created all to themselves.

What we adore about the luxury brand market is their ability to stay open to change. We typically find sleek interiors and cutting edge artistic interior details in flagship stores the world over. The main priority of a boutique space is to make the space feel appealing to the customer. Creating an environment that makes customers feel comfortable and welcomed – and each retail store does this in their own way. From space planning and layout, to specified architectural finishes, these are some of the top level areas in which a company’s brand and collection can stand out apart from their competition.

Our custom 72” hexagonal 3 post locking (LFIC) ladder pulls in a US32 (PSS) finish you see here made the impact and statement this brand’s designer wanted to achieve. What an impression these handles leave in the customer’s hand as they enter the store? Handles that shine as bright and as luminous as their crystals.

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