Miami, FL

Glass Door Hardware for Retail

Anything draped in black embodies a sexier edge, even in the interiors realm as it pertains to architectural hardware and finishes.

Case in point, this recent installation by our local dealer Dash Door, for the headquarters of a high-end women’s wear line. Dash Door’s Glass & Glazing Group was retained to furnish and install modern and understated frameless glass interior office fronts & entry doors with surface applied muntin accents and featuring the TCS Auto-Patch® hydraulic patch fitting … all in matte-black finish. The cohesiveness and aesthetic flow of matching finishes blends from the glass interior accents, to door handles, to pivot hardware.

Our Auto-patch® hardware provided the frameless office entry doors with a self-closing ability without the need for in-ground closers or bulky headers required to conceal standard overhead closer hardware. A minimal hardware with maximum impact approach, perfectly executed.

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