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Glass Door Hardware for Med Spa

Conventionally speaking, what comes to mind when you think medical office? Now erase all those norms and envision thoughts of wellness, nurture and pampering … big difference, right?! The innovative team of doctors behind these gorgeous and mind-blowing med spas knew the heartbeat to the design and construction of these unique wellness spaces needed to embody the latter. And so it did!

To date, this is one of the top projects we are so thrilled to have been a part of. Not only due to the fact that this unique med spa concept was the first of its kind in Florida, not to mention one of the first in the States, but the forward thinking interior design approach was something we could sink our design teeth into.

When you blend innovation with medicine, typically what comes to mind is a new remedy, medical procedure or discovery. Innovation in the medical industry always seemed to be scientifically based. However on this project, we saw from the very beginning an avant-guard vision that brought innovation in through the actual environment where medical assistance and treatments would be performed. Innovation through aesthetic approaches and overall energy of the space … now this is an evolution in medicine.

“TCS broke the mold of traditional medical offices” Dr. Jaime Franco CEO of Franco & Co so eloquently stated. Beautifully designed 60” Non-locking ladder pulls adorn the treatment room entry doors, paired perfectly with our Auto-Patch® hydraulic patch pivot hardware alongside the PureGlass® 100 series sliding door systems.

They say everything is energy and in that energy is everything – clients of these med spas have said to feel comforted, inspired and less stressed within these spaces. Treatment rooms and common spaces not bound by the limitations of traditional walls yet compliant with healthcare industry regulations and requirements … all this blended together is truly how we define this project’s innovation.

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