ADA Compliance Guide CoverA new comprehensive guide to ADA compliant door handles demystifies many of the complex elements surrounding the American Disabilities Act’s (ADA) codes pertaining to door handle solutions.

Since the ADA became a federal law in 1990, many architects and designers have found the law’s “gray areas” to be challenging when it comes to interpreting its complex compliance guidelines.

The FREE ADA guide is offered by T-Concepts Solutions (TCS), a custom design house and manufacturer of specialty commercial hardware for glass doors. This is a comprehensive guide outlining specific ADA compliance requirements for door handles.




What you will learn:

  • Accurately interpret detailed compliance guidelines
  • Avoid the most common compliance errors
  • Learn from examples that have already passed inspection
  • Achieve a faster turn around time between design and execution
  • Benefit from time and cost-savings
  • How code interpretation varies from state to state


“The guide was inspired by our customers. As more people asked us for information on ADA compliance, we realized the industry was lacking a resource that helped to break down complex legal language into an accessible tool. We hope the guide serves the Architecture & Design community well and becomes an invaluable investment to better understanding ADA compliance that will only benefit future design work and empower peace of mind.” Michelle Witherby – COO – T-Concepts Solutions

This free Guide to ADA Accessible Door Handles is available for instant download.

TCS is celebrating their 15-year anniversary, to learn more about T-Concepts Solutions, view their 30-second architectural glass door hardware video.

T-Concepts Solutions is a Miami-based custom manufacturer of architectural glass door hardware.  The firm specializes in locking ladder pulls, non-locking ladder pulls, custom pull handles, ADA compliant hardware, glass hinges, to hydraulic patch fittings and sliding door solutions.  TCS services clients throughout North America.  For more information, visit www.t-concepts.com, call 888-409-9340, or email at hello@t-concepts.com

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