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Our clients know that equally important to the walls and doors that make up a space are the architectural commercial glass door handles and pulls. Glass doors become functional as well as aesthetically pleasing with the right choices for the handles and pulls. Because of this, T Concepts Solutions offers a vast variety to accommodate any architectural glass door, for any commercial design project.

Now, all parts speak the same language. Not only do we have an extensive selection in size and style, but we offer finishes to coordinate with any commercial glass door hardware for architectural purposes. We’ve built our business on providing handles and pulls for commercial glass doors that meet the needs of the majority of projects. At the same time, we’ve been nimble enough as a company to also innovate for special glass door projects – and provide custom solutions for completely unique needs.

ADA Accessible Compliant Pulls

We’ve been an industry leader in this commercial door pull category, doing the necessary research to provide a compliant product for our clients to use. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of compliance today, but we keep up to date on the changes that are constantly being made to ADA compliant door handle code regulations.

Custom Pull Handles

Sometimes, a standard commercial glass door handle just won’t do. Our client may need a specific aesthetic to match the beauty of the surroundings of their hotel or spa. Or a client may need a unique shape door handle to satisfy the functional needs of their space. Regardless, our design team is eager to create a unique product that fits the bill – even if it’s only a slight deviation from our standard offering.

Latching Handles

When architectural glass doors demand security, a latching handle is required. TCS can provide your project with a latching handle, made from sturdy stainless steel, with a low profile yet high security. It won’t overpower your door, but it will keep your space secure.

Locking Ladder Pulls

Ladder pulls contribute to the aesthetic of architectural glass doors – and locking ladder pulls offer the added benefit of security. TCS offers both small and large format locking ladder pulls. Not sure what to choose? No worries. We have standardized our locking ladder pulls to accept either the large or small interchangeable core.

Non-Locking Ladder Pulls

This is where it all began at TCS and it is something we’ve never forgotten! The simple yet sophisticated design of our non-locking ladder pulls will provide the performance your architectural commercial glass doors need without sacrificing elegance.

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