Message of Gratitude and Giving Back | 2020

Message of Gratitude

2019 Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

As we gather this Thanksgiving, the posture of “togetherness” will be defined much differently this year. The table will be set for smaller numbers of people, families & friends will be divided, the psychology of safety measures looping endlessly in our minds, and apps like ZOOM hosting as guest of honour in most households. Our attention is quite possibly scattered at the moment, as culturally we prepare for a Holiday season like never before.

We are in an overburdened world right now. At times it seems impossible for our feelings, health, relationships, businesses, life as a whole to not be hijacked by the burdens. The load which is being carried by the nervous system of our world, not to mention our own selves, has serious implications. But to quote Robert Frost, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” And so it does, and to this poignant point … we must take care of the seconds, the minutes which are here before us.

The years to come will take care of themselves. It’s up to us to acknowledge with deep compassion the struggles of this year, even the pain. We must be our own best ally in working our “caring” and “kindness” muscles. But this also involves recognizing and refocusing our attention to the numerous things each of us have to be thankful for. Each of us have more than one thing to give thanks about, and in this day and age … more than one is numerous.

This Thanks “Giving” we encourage each of you to take inventory in all the ways in which you are grateful. This mindful exercise re-wires the brain and hence the nervous system, to allow us to feel more enjoyment. Enjoying life is a powerful way to take care of one’s self. If gratitude is not your natural disposition, it’s ok. A little time and effort never hurt anyone, and this challenge may prove to be well worth the discomfort.

This Thanks “Giving” take time, wherever you are, to come up with a gratitude list. Put down in writing your feelings of the whys and the hows in which you are grateful. Again, if this doesn’t flow so naturally, don’t judge your feelings. However, don’t let that stop you from still giving thanks. There is so much still be thankful for, even in this difficult year, but if we only have eyes to see.

Take refuge this season in filling the seconds and minutes with ideas, places, and people who lessen the burden, lighten the load, and who count YOU as one of their own blessings.

And to triple the happiness, please consider giving and/or volunteering in some way – to pay it forward and to be someone else’s reason to feel grateful. We are never alone in our suffering, and we are never alone in our joy, please help us spread more joy to other’s this Holiday.

As the T-Concepts family gathers around our tables, each of you will hold a profound place in our minds and hearts. For without you; our team, clients, partners, board family, vendors and colleagues, we would not and could not be here today.

Our presence and resilience as a company and family owned business relies greatly on each of you. Life is better with company, and even though we cannot physically be together as much as we hope, we are grateful for our eternal connections and deep support.

Endless Gratitude,

Michelle & Paul Witherby

Message of Giving Back

As many of you are aware, giving back and making a difference is the heartbeat of our culture and company’s creed. Success for us is defined in how we give and the level of aid, and support we can provide to not only our resident charities and organizations, but to other local efforts as well. Positive impact is the only impact we care to make; socially, environmentally and economically. COVID has taken a toll and devastated many people and families. 2020 will mark a year in which more family’s then ever will experience food insecurities and financial hardships, globally. In addition to our resident alliances, T-Concepts Solutions will be donating to the following organizations to help this Holiday Season.

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