All too often A&D professionals opt for doors that are just ordinary. But why miss out on the opportunity to make your interior glass doors special? Architects and designers are using features like hydraulic door closer hinges to make doors the key design feature of commercial, residential, and hospitality projects. By fusing design and technology, it is possible to take glass doors to a whole new and very exciting level.

Image of Triloba Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge PSS Full InstallationWe have always been very impressed with products from the Colcom Group, and that’s why we are an official distributor of their door closer hinges. Elegant doors have a central place in modern design. Oil-dynamic hydraulic glass hardware from the Colcom Group creates a revolutionary approach to frameless pivot and swing doors. The end result is a true technological innovation, one that uses minimal hardware to achieve stunning and environment-changing results.

Thanks to hydraulic door closer hinges and patch fittings, T-Concepts Solutions provides a fluid and controlled door closure and strives to embody the evolution of the traditional automatic hinge. The end result is a beautiful door that closes as elegantly and smoothly on the 10,000th closing as it does on its very first. Taking advantage of numerous revolutionary patents, the seamless operation of TCS doors are available in multiple configurations and are highly adjustable.

We believe that door design should operate at a safe pace, feature adjustable closing speeds, and make the most out of what oil-dynamic hydraulic hinges can provide. Through these door closer hinges, it is possible to achieve the highest possible efficiency while maintaining extraordinary technical quality and safety. A great example of this is demonstrated with Biloba 8060/8010 hydraulic glass door closer hinges.

Biloba 8060 BSS HingeImage of Biloba 8060 BSS Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge

Many of our clients are opting for Biloba Evo hydraulic glass door closer hinges. This hinge is special because it not only offers automatic and adjustable closing, it has speed braking controls on all doors with angles up to 180 degrees. With a variety of installation configurations; glass to glass, frame to frame, glass to frame — the sky’s the limit for available design options. Evo hinges come in a non-hold open option as well, for egress and/or high-security doors.

Biloba Evo Glass PSS Hinge
Image of Biloba Evo Glass PSS Hinge

In contrast, Biloba Unica hydraulic glass door closer hinges allow for either indoor or outdoor installation. UNICA also has an internal brake and closing speed adjuster, along with a final latch. All of this is achieved within a space of just 56mm.

Biloba Unica Patch Pivot
Image of Biloba Unica Patch Pivot

At the heart of all TCS designs and products is functionality. TCS offers a wide array of products designed for many needs, for example, Triloba hydraulic glass door closer hingesThe Triloba Glass Door Hinges were specifically designed for exterior doors and are equipped with an enclosed braking valve. This braking value acts against wind-loads and other environmental forces. In short, TCS has factored in every aspect of functionality and design in an effort to provide the very best in modern glass door hardware.

Triloba Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge
Image of Triloba Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge Interior View

The bottom line is that the Colcom Group makes exceptional hydraulic door closer hinges. How do we know? TCS began our career in industrial design involving hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The use of these solutions was a significant part of our past history of design and mechanical engineering. In addition, Colcom’s products are covered by international patents and ensure superior performance.

By utilizing a low-profile design and what can safely be called stealth functionality, we utilize special hardware to propel both door design and functionality into the future. Today, architectural trends have gravitated towards a cleaner glass look, and our products are perfectly in tune with this shift towards a clean and elegant look.

T-Concepts Solutions is a Miami-based custom manufacturer of architectural glass door hardware.  The firm specializes in locking ladder pulls, non-locking ladder pulls, custom pull handles, ADA compliant hardware, glass hinges, to hydraulic patch fittings and sliding door solutions.  TCS services clients throughout North America.  For more information, visit www.t-concepts.com, call 888-409-9340, or email at hello@t-concepts.com

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