Commercial hydraulic glass door hinges are essential to the elegance and high-performance associated with T-Concept Solutions, and they can be used for various architectural and commercial projects.

We proudly offer Colcom’s oil dynamic hydraulic glass door hinges. These hydraulic hinges have become synonymous with the very best of modern design.

Glass doors are revered for their clean, unobstructed appearance. Minimal hardware offers the maximum presence. However, when it comes to choosing commercial glass door hardware, hydraulic glass door hinges play a significant role.

T-Concepts Solutions’ offering of hydraulic hinges for glass doors deliver exactly what any space design is looking for … a minimal/maximum approach. But there is more associated with oil dynamic hinges.

Benefits of Hydraulic Glass Door Hinges

Oil-dynamic hydraulic glass hardware represents a truly revolutionary approach to frameless pivot and swing doors. The end result is seamless operations, adjustable closing speed control as well as multiple configurations. The low-profile design goes unnoticed providing a level of stealth functionality.

Choosing the Best Hinges

Biloba Hinges Finishes Chart
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Choosing the right oil dynamic hinges is a matter of function and style. The hardware you select to secure a glass panel to a frame, wall return and another piece of glass, collectively impacts the final look of your frameless design.

We have an extensive line of oil dynamic hinges to fit a wide variety of architectural and commercial applications. Colcom’s oil-dynamic closer hinges are not only beautiful but offer the capability to control and adjust the closing speed of the door. They are also durable, safe, easy to install and versatile.

The Biloba 8060/8010 hydraulic door closer hinge  was created and specialized for interior doors and allows the automatic closing function. The moving speed is adjustable and operates at a safe pace due to zero resistance. Also suitable for doors with stop.

The Biloba EVO oil dynamic hinge is the first hinge with automatic and adjustable closing, and constant speed braking control, for all door opening angles up to 180°.

The Biloba EVO E40 door closer is the ideal solution for frame-to-frame installation. The E40 hinge installs on wood, aluminum and steel doors, providing a uniform look across your entire project.

The Biloba UNICA’s hinge essential design allows for installation in any type of setting, both outdoor and indoor.

Designed for exterior doors, the Triloba door closer comes equipped with an enclosed braking valve that acts against wind-loads and environmentals.

Those seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic will appreciate how seamlessly hydraulic glass door hinges blend with our glass doors. The end result is highly functional and truly beautiful.

While there are not many differences in appearances, there are a variety of styles awaiting your specifications. T-Concepts Solutions’ line delivers 180 degrees of movement and seamless rotation to operate even the most robust of glass doors.

We provide additional hardware for your glass doors, including glass door handle and pulls, and patch pivots and rails.

An Abundance of Hydraulic Glass Door Hinges and Hardware Possibilities

Glass to Glass Installations
Wall to Glass Installations
Frame to Frame Installations
Frame to Glass Installations
Made of Forged Brass
Available Finishes: Colcom offers many finishes based on each selected product. Contact Us for your specific needs.
Fits 1/4″ (6mm) to 3/4″ (19mm) flat tempered glass
Self-closing from 90 or 180 degrees. Also available is a No Hold Open (NHO) for Egress applications.
Door swings 90 degrees in and 90 degrees out
Glass cut-outs required
2 or 3 hinges required based on specific door size. Contact Us for your specific needs.

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Hydraulic Glass Door Hinge - Evo Matte Black