Hydraulic Patch Pivots and Rails

T-Concepts Solutions’ architectural and commercial hydraulic patch pivots and rails mark something truly new in the realm of glass design. We are changing the look and functionality of commercial glass door hardware. In the process, we are opening up a wide range of design possibilities for both commercial and architectural applications.

The future of architecture, interior design and construction points to frameless glass doors. T-Concepts Solutions is leading the way once again with our hydraulic patch pivots and rails.

Auto-Patch® Hydraulic Patch Pivot

Our Auto-Patch® Hydraulic Patch Pivot has been called revolutionary. In the past, architectural hardware options have been limited, but with the introduction of the Auto-Patch, ® architects and designers have a bold new option that is free from the bulky hardware of the past. With its low-profile design, affordable cost and stealth function, this Hydraulic Patch Pivot is a key player in the future of glass design in both commercial spaces and architectural design.

Auto-Patch® Hydraulic Rail

Just as our Hydraulic Patch Pivot has been called revolutionary, the same holds true for the patent-pending design of our Auto-Patch® Hydraulic Rail. This innovation represents a safer hydraulic rail option and meets ADA Code 404.2.10.

This new oil-dynamic technology provides for a full bottom hydraulic rail. This represents an evolution over the traditional box spring closer.

We’re proud to offer what is truly the next phase in glass door hardware with our Hydraulic patch pivots and rails.

We offer a fully comprehensive line of glass door hardware, including glass door handles & pulls and hydraulic glass door hinges. You can also check out our PureGlass sliding glass door systems.

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