While the pandemic has marched on, many people haven’t given a second thought to their office workspace. But as people come back to work, it’s painfully obvious these existing work environments aren’t compatible with modern times.

Cue TCS Environments Complete. When your client needs a space created to let their workforce thrive—a collaborative, light-sharing, open-feeling space—TCS Environments Complete is the answer.

Many people know of us as experts in door handles. They’re not wrong, but what we do goes so much further. We take a holistic view of the entire workspace. Our glass wall systems, sliding glass doors, ADA-compliant solutions, and architectural wall systems will revolutionize the way your clients work.

So Much More Than Door Handles

You see, design thinking has changed. Today, our approach must foster a sense of culture and community. Our custom and innovative solutions create a feeling of effortless connectivity without sacrificing functionality, or exceeding budgets.

Grow Your Space with Our Heavier, Larger Units of Glass

Prior to now, there wasn’t an abundance of options in terms of glass wall systems. Certain hinges are compatible with certain glass thicknesses, can’t be built past a certain height, and many other restrictions. 

But our heavier, larger units of glass give you the freedom to create a functional workspace without sacrificing precious floor space.

Safeguard Performance with the “Soft Close” Doors Your Clients Love

Our systems include the beloved soft close doors your clients are looking for. Speed-controlled hinges and hydraulics can accommodate any size of door opening. 

After years of working from home, soft close doors are more important than ever. These are guaranteed to glide smoothly and quietly no matter what—no more doors coming off tracks or becoming misaligned.

Meet ADA Compliance Requirements for ALL Components

All of our hardware and components are ADA-compliant. If you’ve long been a fan of our door handles, you’ll be pleased to know every hinge, handle, and hydraulic is manufactured to the same level of excellence and compliance.

We understand that everything needs to just work, and work well. No sticking, forcing, or tugging—just a smooth, safe and compliant operation every single time.

Enjoy Easy Installation, Unmatched Versatility, and Clean Minimalist Design 

Was your last client less than thrilled with their new workspace? Maybe the installation was cumbersome or ill-timed, or the components became finicky immediately.

At TCS Environments Complete, we understand how big of an impact this can have on your client. If done well, productivity, collaboration, and mental well-being will soar. If not, morale can plummet fast. 

We pride ourselves on easy, no-hassle installation of our robust and versatile solutions. The end result is a clean, calming, yet customizable minimalist design and a thrilled client. 

Seeking Innovation? We Tackle the Whole Environment

People are going back to the office nationwide. But clients like yours are seeing their workforce struggle with returning as if they’d never left. The last few years have changed so much in terms of workspace collaboration, and now there’s quite a bit of work to be done.


You already know your client’s workspace needs an innovative transformation for the modern workforce. Let’s design it together. Contact us here to start your quote or learn more.