Latching Handles

Flexa Lockset

T-Concepts Solutions’ latching handles provide added security, functionality, and peace of mind for door installations requiring commercial handles and pulls.

With custom low-profile body dimensions and curved lines and edges, any concerns of an overpowering piece of architectural door hardware have been eliminated. Our latching handles are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and are suitable for various corporate, institutional, and construction requirements.

If you’re looking for aesthetics, reduced dimensions, and functional minimalism in a lockset for your next project, our FLEXA lockset is the ideal solution. FLEXA features an inner “patented” mechanism which makes it ambidextrous, silent, and strong.

FLEXA is available in three versions: key-key, key-knob, and passage. We also offer the coordinating hinge and strike plate. The lock, strike plate, and hinge are available for glass thickness 8–10–12.7 mm or 5/16″–3/8″–1/2″.

Download our FLEXA BROCHURE below for additional specs, available configurations, strike plate options, finishes, and our hydraulic glass door hinges to pair with your lockset.

For something more specific to your project needs, you can request custom pull handles. Our other options include locking ladder pulls and non-locking ladder pulls.

Our proprietary, compact mortise lock that bridges aesthetics with ADA compliance and supports a variety of ANSI functions.

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