Universal Rim Housing Design

A revolutionary approach to locking ladder pulls has arrived. Not sure which lock/core to choose for the door pull of your project? You’ve landed in the right place! With our URHD (Universal Rim Housing Design), you now have the freedom of selecting and specifying a locking ladder pull without requiring a lock/core specification. Whether large or small format I/C (Interchangeable Core) -OR- Rim Cylinder, this epic design can accommodate your project needs.


  • Patented design
  • Compatible with all locks, RIM & LFIC/SFIC Interchangeable Core
  • Finishes available in titanium black, polished stainless steel US32 (PSS), brushed stainless steel US32D (BSS), US19 (MBLK) and Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B (ORB)
  • Standard (bottom locking pull), Staggered or Top locking ADA Compliant Pulls
  • Custom finishes available upon request

No more wasting precious time deciding which lock to use for your project’s pull. URHD comes in a revolutionary, sleek design that provides increased security, eliminates confusion in selection, and expedites the ordering process– saving you time and money.

Click image to enlarge and see more details about URHD Locking Ladder Pulls.

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