Creating an original workspace that stays true to your brand and vision involves attention to every detail. Door handles are integral to the impression a space gives to clients and workers alike. With T-Concepts door handles, your client gets the individuality of tailor made details that accentuate the best parts of your workspace. Extensive shapes, materials, and finishes give you the palette to incorporate the exact elements to achieve a cohesive and impeccable space. 

Custom Pull Handles

Many clients and businesses find themselves envisioning the perfect door handle to build their brand presence. T-Concepts is the manufacturer that helps bring these visions to life. Specifically designed to bring elegant glass doors to the next level, custom pull handles incorporate the exact aesthetic your brand embodies. 

Locking Ladder Pulls vs. Non-locking

T-Concept custom pull handles come in both locking and non-locking ladder pulls to suit the needs of your space. We know security is integral to many spaces. No one wants to sacrifice style for function and these options help you get what you need while still embodying your brand presence.

Modern Shapes, Materials, and Finishes

Find the exact door handle to fit your needs. With extensive modern shapes, materials, and finishes, T-Concepts offers a wide array of options to accentuate the doors of your space. Hardware brings doors to life and finding the exact shapes and finishes for the story you want to tell helps set you apart.  

Incorporate natural finishes like wood, copper, and leather or opt for a more chic and sleek modern look with graphite black, titanium black, PSS, and BSS. Classic oil-rubbed bronze and matte black highlight elegance and class. 

Microban ® Antibacterial

Microban ® Antibacterial finishes bring care and consciousness to the workplace. It helps your clients and employees alike know that their well-being is valued. The Microban ® technology inhibits bacteria growth on the handle for the lifetime of the handle’s finish. This state-of-the-art finish helps prevent premature handle degradation and makes the handles easy to clean while staying cleaner longer. 

A Switch On The Standard Approach To Door Handle Hardware

Long gone are the days of bland cubicles, dreadful carpeting, and drop ceilings that made workspaces seem drab and uninspiring. Creating a workspace that facilitates well-being, productivity, and ease is an important factor in running a thriving business. We love these handles because they set themselves apart from the traditional approach to hardware for doors. T-Concepts considers these products as part of the architectural design that sets exceptional spaces apart from ordinary ones. 

Create Original and Conscious Workspaces

Achieving an original and conscious workspace isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about embodying your brand presence and what kind of impression you make on your team and clients. WIth Microban ® antibacterial technology, the architectural details of your workspace can also show you are conscious and care about the health and well-being of everyone who enters your workspace. The extensive selection of finishes, shapes, and customizability give you the tools and palette you need to achieve a space that tells your story.  

Explore our expansive selection of customizable options, finishes, shapes, and materials to let your architectural details say exactly what you want. Our T-Concepts team is here to help you every step of the way.