Non-Locking Ladder Pulls

Even with our extensive line of architectural door hardware – T Concepts Solutions deeply values where it all began, our line of non-locking ladder pulls. Simple, uncomplicated yet exquisitely elegant, see how our line of commercial glass door handles and pulls can help shape your project’s design, tell a story, and adhere to any budget – without the sacrifice of quality, craftsmanship and performance.

Non-locking ladder pulls will be an everlasting part of door hardware solutions and construction. Available for immediate shipment, we offer and stock a large variety of sizes for your project’s need.

Looking for an alternative to the norm and conventional non-locking ladder pull design? We have customized lengths above and beyond our standard 72″. From 84″, and 96″ to 109″ … change the length, switch up the finish and viola, you make a statement.

We also have locking ladder pulls if you decide you prefer those.  You can request custom pull handles if you have more specific requirements. For a different style, check out our latching handles.


Extensive stock of two standard architectural finishes: BSS (US32D) & MBLK (US19)
Variety of sizes: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” (Custom sizes available)
Available in additional finishes: PSS (US32), ORB (US10B), Titanium Black
Complete with complementing washers
Clear protective coating offered for some finishes to hide finger-prints
304 Alloy Stainless Steel Body and Tube
Constructed in a custom “Lite” design, less weight – same integrity

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