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Our Story

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The Beginning

T CONCEPTS MIAMI was founded in September 2001 during an inspirational trip to New York City, a time that is now etched in America's history. From such darkness comes great light, and the iconic Oculus building by Calatrava continues to inspire us and serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through design, determination, and collaboration.

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Strong Foundations for Innovations

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As a family business, we’ve always been a close team with an open and collaborative approach.
Our Story
We find a way when others can’t, or won’t

Our story began in 2001 as pioneers in applying industrial-style products to workplace interiors. For over 20 years, we’ve been building the experience, knowledge, skills, and partnerships necessary to design and manufacture products that can make a radical difference to our clients. From locking ladder pulls, non-locking ladder pulls, and custom pull handles to ADA-compliant hardware, hydraulic hinges and patch fittings, and sliding door solutions, we’re on it–and always looking to take it to the next level.

We’re on a mission to create safer, more secure workplaces. We do it by developing architectural hardware products and solutions that set new industry standards and give you and your business the confidence you need to be at your best. Our innovations liberate yours.

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Interior design, architecture, and space planning is the most powerful art there is. It tells a story, evokes emotion, is a heightened form of expression, and defines space and how we exist within that space. It gives the world some insight into who we are; as individuals and in business.
Michelle Witherby
CEO, Co-Founder