“My humanity is bound up in yours for we can only be human together” ~ Desmond Tutu

Philanthropic work is at the core of our family-owned business. We feel here at TCS, a true measure of our success is a result of what we are doing physically, emotionally, and financially to help causes and organizations that we feel deeply aligned with.

Our partner focus this month is Humanity Unified, one of our many valued alliances. HU is one of TCS’ resident organizations that we give to throughout the year. Founders, Anthony & Maria Russo, are their dynamic & dedicated team, create and foster wellness through education, food security and economic opportunities to women in Rwanda.

This summer TCS was a contributing partner and sponsor for a very special project for HU, co-investing in the Harvest Haven. The Harvest Haven is a storage facility that plays a vital role in housing local harvest from pests, rot and molds such as aflatoxins which are directly associated to liver cancer, impaired immune function and stunted growth in children. With proper storage, it is possible to eliminate 20-30% crop loss that is common post-harvest. The construction of the Harvest Haven facility will ensure aeration and guard against forms of contamination … and can be operable for up to 15 years.

It is with deep gratitude that we give thanks to our customers and dealers, as your support and belief in us allow TCS the opportunity to do more in the world and make a difference.

Learn more about Humanity Unified here >>

Please consider making a donation to this wonderful organization and cause.

Thank you ~ Paul & Michelle Witherby and the entire TCS Team

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