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Witherby Apking Foundation

Our parents and grandparents instilled a deep sense of purpose in this life, one of values, service, and traditions.

Creating meaning and making a positive impact in our personal lives and within our industry, encourages us to be constant agents of change. Whether through advancements and innovation, leadership, or community service, our beloved parents strove to empower us to understand that our time, talent, contribution, and concern were valuable resources we could use to create a long-lasting & positive legacy.

We are deeply grateful to honour Mom and Dad through the foundation they fostered to create as an enduring charitable legacy constructed through empathy and commitment.

Giving back has been woven into our family fabric for generations. Below are some of the esteemed non-profits and organizations we proudly support.

-Paul & Michelle Witherby

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By leaving a positive legacy, we make a lasting impact that will be remembered for generations to come. Living a life of purpose and meaning will inspire others to do the same so that we can all create a better world.
Brian Tracy