Corporate Co-sharing

“While technology has allowed us to live in what has been referred to as “The Next Workspace”, corporate mindsets & mundane office life stands in the way of a truly progressive work style.” Courtney Boyd Myers

We feel this sentiment rang true years ago, but not in today’s workplace environment. Today’s entrepreneurs are paving the way for something different.

Corporate Technology

The most creative people are tinkers, explorers and gutsy. Being a part of a work environment that exemplifies these qualities is insight innovative small businesses, the A&D community, and savvy developers discovered and then catapulted the concept into the everyday when it came to interiors.

Corporate Office

From specialty colored glass to match this company’s brand, to custom frosted glass to protect privacy – our client knew TCS’ architectural hardware could deliver the look, feel and performance to compliment this high level corporate environment. We know the blue glass is captivating,

Corporate Media

As you will hear us say, or maybe even preach, corporate environments are ever-changing and tend to be where innovation and bright ideas are born. Not only in the board room but in architecture and design. The late 1990’s and early 2000’s approach to communal work-spaces and vast open floor plans of cubicles under the institutional hum of fluorescent lights have since evolved into a less utilitarian approach yet keeping with the “team, we are in this together” collective feel.