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A new concealed hydraulic door closer hinge for framed doors with a stop. The first Colcom hinge to be hidden entirely in the profile and adaptable to every project upon customer request. This hydraulic door closer hinge maintains the same features as the Biloba Evo series hinges. The installation of the upper hinge is completed by the dedicated hidden lower hinge.

  • Hydraulic closing
  • Invisible - hidden in the profile
  • Customizable to satisfy every project
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Height regulation +/- 3 mm
  • 90° Stop
  • Minimum dimensions 25×25 mm



Black & silver.

Colors Available

02 Clear anodized
02 Clear anodized
05 Black anodized
05 Black anodized
13 PVD Imitation satin stainless steel
13 PVD Imitation satin stainless steel