PureGlass® was designed specifically to enhance and evolve sliding glass door hardware along with maximizing glass aesthetics and future design trends.

T-Concepts Solutions (TCS) believes that the look of maximum glass and minimal hardware is where design is and will continue to move ahead in the A & D community as well as savvy developers.

In this global market it is critical to design sliding glass door hardware systems which pose: forward thinking features, minimal amount of parts, range of options, minimalistic design, adjustability for proper and time-saving installation, and the most competitive price in the market.

With our collective years of experience in the sliding door market, we knew where the improvements needed to be made and where innovation could be captured. The ultimate sliding glass door hardware has arrived.

T-Concepts Solutions (TCS), Inc. feels strongly that every sliding door hardware system MUST include a “soft close” design! This feature not only offers a great finish to the movement of a sliding door itself, but it as well provides an anti- slam result which the market demands.

TCS takes it one step further to offer our “auto close” design that closes the sliding door completely at any point during its travel. No electronics…only sound and dependable mechanical design.

From frameless sliding glass doors, sliding door with glass side-lites, recessed hardware and “barn door” approach … we have the options to serve you and your project. The next generation of sliding door hardware is here – say hello to PureGlass®.

Single extrusion design for easier installation and minimalist design
System tolerance for un-level surfaces: 1/2″ minimum
Custom designed and tested clear dri-fit gasket for dry glazing your fixed glass requirements
Innovative “soft close” devices for your anti-slam needs
Rated for 100 kgs (220 lbs) weighted systems
Use with ½” tempered glass
High quality ball bearing pressure clamp design…no glass drilling
Material: Clear Anodized Aluminum (other finishes available)
Wall or Ceiling mount available
Stocked in Miami, FL.
NEW!! Self-Closing Feature…”Auto-Close”
Systems tested up to 100,000 cycles (minimum) as per EN1527
Anti-jump roller mechanism

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PureGlass Sliding System with Hydraulic Auto-Patch Rail