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Written By
Xavier Ilarza, Chief Future Officer
3 min read - Jun 18, 2024

Minding The Gaps: A Wellspring of Design Opportunity


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There is a newcomer in architectural hardware inside the world of interior doors. Unlike door handles, hinges, door closers, soft-closing mechanisms, and other commonly known hardware solutions, this innovative technology, which swiftly became a staple part of door designs within Europe, only recently became a newly accepted specification here in North America and yet still, is relatively unknown with architects, designers, installers, and glass office partition companies.

What is this exciting solution? Automatic Door Seals. 

In the next few paragraphs, I will describe and explain what automatic or “drop” door seals are, how they are manufactured, and their operation. Also, and most importantly, the different field applications of door seals alongside the intrinsic benefits of using drop seal technology in all door applications.

What is an Automatic "Drop" Seal? 

A drop seal is a mechanism installed at the bottom of a glass, framed, or solid door, running the entire width of the door. When the door is in a closed position, the seal is activated by a plunger, which drops the seal down and fills the gap between the door and the floor. This internal mechanism is always hidden inside the body of an aluminum housing that can be supplied in different finishes to match any design specification.

Insights & benefits

When it comes to applications, drop seals are being installed mainly within commercial and office space projects, along with hospitality and healthcare sectors. However, I strongly believe that soon, the growing world of design-build will view automatic drop door seals as the present and the future of interior door design across all industries.

This statement is based on the fact that using drop seals as part of the door hardware package can significantly reduce sound transmission up to 50db on a glass door, for example, and thus provide extra sound comfort and privacy to users. Reducing air transmission inwards and outwards also increases energy savings. In addition to air and sound benefits, dust and insects can be prevented from traveling under a door through automatic drop seals. As we like to say at T Concepts Miami, drop seals ‘mind the gaps’ of interior door design and installations. But our transforming whole-door approach to design doesn’t end here.

Manufacturing & innovation

T Concepts Miami and our manufacturing partner, CCE, are bringing even more advanced and unique innovations to the North American market. With CCE’s patented CHRONO delayed progressive drop technology, our seals overcome the most challenging issue for the best performance of a drop seal: friction while closing.

While all other manufacturers in the market only offer traditional drop seal technology, which cannot prevent seals from dragging on floors and carpets, especially when floors are unlevel, CCE has overcome that issue with its patented CHRONO feature. This feature elevates the true meaning of automatic functionality and is available in most of our seal products and field applications.


Because of all the benefits that CHRONO feature brings, drop seals for glass, timber, and metal doors are here, not to be an optional part of the door hardware selection but a must-be/have. This minimally designed yet mighty solution offers a complete list of benefits, with performance attributes, aesthetics, and ease of installation. Good planning always begins with a clear destination in mind. Thoughtful interior door design keeps the needs of people and a well-balanced environment at the forefront. The differentiation and innovation we, together with our manufacturing partner CCE, are presenting to the market can create the ideal door hardware package plan to complete your next best project.

Let’s design together,

Xavier iLarza

Chief Future Officer - T Concepts Miami

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