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Michelle Witherby, CEO & Co-Founder
2 min read - Oct 13, 2023

Opening Doors - Impact & Meaning


Bond Greenpoint 190717 0222

After 20+ years of reinventions, here we are. Upon making the substantial decision to rebrand our family-owned business, Paul, myself, and our Directors spoke openly about our sense of purpose as the basis of fostering a culture of innovation and how this could be best expressed. The importance of consistently working on our craft, raising the level of commitment to our team and our clients, and contributing to change on a global scale whilst strengthening skills and working through fear … these passions and obligations have been our ammunition to kick the doors wide open and keep them open. This is who we are, and owning who we are is the catalyst for moving forward.

T Concepts Miami is a leader in opening doors. Literally and figuratively. This is who we are and is the company that stands before you today. Opening doors to possibilities and opportunities. Doorways customized to your needs, accessible to all. For originality, opportunities and possibilities play an important role in all aspects of life.

Every experience we have journeyed through these 20+ years, deeply difficult and challenging at times, yet profoundly rewarding, equally have been the stepping stones to building a fortified company. One who listens and cares. Works diligently to stay open and available for each other, our clients, and our industry.

Forbes Magazine once shared that there are two kinds of people in this world, and you can tell which one you are by taking The Doorknob Test. What is your first thought when presented with a key that doesn’t open a lock? Do you think the key or the lock must be broken? Or do you think it just means you have yet to figure out how to jiggle the key to make it work? We are the latter. Join us and accompany us as we create change together to open more doors for more to be welcomed by.

Project: Greenpoint, NY

Photo by Amanda Kirkpatrick