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We Open Doors®

Architectural Door Hardware & Systems

Who we are

Established in 2001, T CONCEPTS MIAMI stands at the forefront of architectural innovation. As the leading commercial door hardware and wall system manufacturer, we elevate spaces across corporate, hospitality, residential, and retail sectors. Fueled by purpose and passion, we deliver products that are statements of excellence, security, accessibility, and style.

Years of experience A family-owned business, rising to the forefront of the design industry in 2001
ADA compliant Leading experts in knowledge, production, and design-built strategy for compliance standards
Products Developed A repertoire including several utility & design patents, alongside meticulously produced products with custom solutions, realized right at your fingertips
Languages A team of polyglots taking pride in our diverse and multicultural working environment, with influence that spans the globe
ADA Compliant
Accessible at our core

Accessibility isn't just a feature—it's a fundamental principle. Rooted deeply in our ethos, we champion inclusive design, ensuring every space we touch fosters connection, ease, and universal engagement. Learn more about our locking handles that meet ADA requirements. 

Free ADA Guide
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