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Commercial Glass Door Hardware

Founded in 2001, T-Concepts Solutions (TCS) is a Miami-based manufacturer of commercial glass door hardware and glass wall systems. We mainly focus on Architectural Glass Door Projects, including corporate, hospitality, residential, retail, and spa & wellness environments.  At TCS, we understand the importance of minimizing glass door hardware to maximize elegance. With stealth functionality at an affordable cost, we are proud to offer what is truly the next phase in the industry.

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Architectural Hardware

As experts in the design and installation of glass door handles and pulls, we enhance the beauty and functionality of your space while ensuring to meet your needs for most any project.

Our high-performing hydraulic glass door hinges offer you the very best combination of modern design with seamless operation.

Making bulky hardware obsolete, TCS presents new design possibilities with our revolutionary hydraulic patch pivots and rails.

At the heart of our designs is accessibility. As an industry leader in ADA compliant handles and pulls, we can help you make cost-saving design decisions, eliminate guesswork when designing for compliance, and ensure your project meets ADA door handle compliance regulations.

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Our clients are industry leaders

And this is what they say

Christina Joyner

Customer support truly sets your company apart

Sometimes we experience challenges with product, these things tend to occur in the world of construction. The accountability and customer support we receive from the sales team, account managers all the way up to ownership is what truly sets your company apart.

Jerry Sweet

Great business people who understand current challenges

Very knowledgeable and awesome to work with. Paul and Michelle are great business people, they understand the current challenges and are always ready to help.

Jordan Dewey

Extremely responsive and knowledgeable

Experience working with TCS is always great. Representatives are always extremely responsive, and knowledgeable.

Shana Hill

Exceptional in getting us quotes and answering questions

Jason Slade is always exceptional in getting us our quotes or answers to any questions. Things ship timely and have thus far, been without issue. Thank you all!

Instrumental in propelling our business forward

We cannot say enough good things about T-Concepts Solutions. Paul and Michelle are easy to work with, knowledgeable, responsive and perhaps most importantly, they listen. Their proactive approach and innovative solutions have been instrumental in propelling our business forward.

Angela Johnson

A pleasure to deal with

You are all such a pleasure to deal with and very responsive to any of my needs. I love you all.

Jacob Carlson

Very happy with custom color match

Very happy with our experience. Your team was able to provide a custom color match on ladder pulls with a good lead time. Will definitely work with you again.

Derek Crider

Custom hardware in a timely manner

I am very pleased with everyone I have worked with at T-Concepts. The entire team has been flexible especially in response to emails and requests that might not fit the format or contain the forms that are required. I am also amazed at how T-Concepts is able to provide custom hardware solutions and do so in a timely manner. Finally, the team that I work with make me feel like I am a part of the T-Concepts family and give very personalized service, which gives a feeling of comfort and familiarity when conducting business with T-Concepts.

“Interior design, architecture, and space planning is the most powerful art there is. It tells a story, evokes emotion, is a heightened form of expression, and defines space and how we exist within that space. It gives the world some insight into who we are; as individuals and in business. These are the reasons we love what we do … we manufacture architectural glass door hardware to combine the story, emotion and design together for the perfect solution.

Why glass? Glass is our muse and commercial glass door hardware is our medium. Glass restores the law of sun and light, it provides brilliance, fluidity and movement within a space. Glass has been said to be the most powerful material to define the spirit of the modern age … and it’s made a significant impact in the present moment of architecture & design. T Concepts Solutions’ architectural hardware is the catalyst to take glass concepts to the future and beyond. We could not be more honored to be a part of this industry and community.”

~ Michelle Witherby, COO, T Concepts Solutions

Explore our line of architectural commercial glass door hardware

Our off-set mounts are only the beginning of our customization options.
closeup of offset ladder pull bss
The ultimate solution for frameless, pivot doors.
auto patch pivot 7 bss
A transformation of the standard non-locking ladder pull.
hexagonal 60 PSS custom pull handle
A myriad of finishes, LFIC and SFIC Locking Ladder Pulls and Non-Locking Ladder Pulls.
multiple finish handles
Design, configuration and finishes – we have the options you are looking for.
custom ladder pull handles
Choosing the right hinge is about form and function.
glass to glass hinge